{You are going to die someday, but you don’t have to live miserably until then

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{In retirement, you find a lot of old folks getting tallow skin. Bad, bad. And it’s because they did not care to care for themselves. You can tell a different tale, you know. Spend more time in the sun.|You can do wonders for yourself even in retirement, if you could just find something to do. Even if you cannot travel the world as you would love to, try to offer something to the people who live around you. Their appreciation can be your reward.}

{Waking up in the morning on the first day of your retirement should be with a feeling of excitement, and not one of dread. If you are in dread, it must be because you failed to plan properly for that day. Try and help the next generation with better advice than you took.|In your retirement, you should stay in contact with friends. It helps your heart rate to be able to talk to someone from the past in an excited way. And it’s a lot better than sleeping and waking up unhappy every day.|Staying active in retirement is much easier when you have spent a whole lifetime in practice, preparing for it. Sincerely, what you get then is what you have planned for since now. Plan wisely. Map out what you want to achieve with your life at that time, eat well in preparation for it, exercise as much as you can, and save up good money to make such pursuits a possibility. That is how to make meaning of a retirement.}

{Your retirement can be much more enjoyable if you are in control of it. Only if you have let matters slip out of hand will you have that consternation that comes from uncertainty in your gut. So, which is it?|With the number of pension and retirement plans out there, you really have no excuse. You can have your retirement a fulfilling one if you can let them help you with the plans. It’s simply common sense.}

{When you have someone to do things with, retirement is often easier on you. How about you make a friend? How about you make new ones every day? Try different things all the time. It can help bring a little sunshine back into that leathered face.|There’s nothing better than a retirement well planned. You can do all the things you planned to do, and enjoy yourself doing them. The flipside is a horrid affair; one in which you get to become this sad defeated person because you did not put things in place when you could have… a curse of negligence that will have you waste away as a consequence of your non actions. |A country walk with friends often does magic for the back and the bones if you do it often enough. But lying or sleeping in during retirement is not an option. Now get off of your lazy behind and see what you can make of it.}