Retirement Poems

Have you heard or read about retirement poems? Actually, those poems are not only intended for retirees, you know? And, did you know that you can find numerous retirement poems on the internet? Yes, you can! But unfortunately, some of them are not for free. Those that are for sale are usually beautifully framed and laminated already. Considering the over-all package of the retirement poems that are sold over the internet, you can say that it’s worth every penny spent. For what it’s worth, they can make perfect gift ideas if you know anyone who retired already. What do you think?

However, you can still count yourself lucky, because there are available retirement poems that you can access and read free of charge. If you are not that fond of collecting framed poems, then free retirement poems are for you. There are short and long retirement poems, and even humorous ones. Mostly, the messages that these poems convey pay tributes to hardworking individuals who had done their best on their respective jobs.

Here are some examples of retirement poems that you can avail for free over the internet:

Retirement (Humorous)

That day long awaited, when it came at last,
is now almost a year and a half past.

“How’s retirement going?” people ask,
if they only knew it has become a quite task,

Missed are the friends I saw on my trips,
Even the griping that came from their lips.

Golf is still great, but about the third tee,
Comes a warning from my arthritic knee.

Now it is bowling and I throw the ball well,
For some unknown reason my average fell.

The old sideline business is going well,
Through the things that are bought are still hard to sell.

The memory’s worse, it was so so,
It must be true, it’s the second to go.

My wife, Pat, says I get in her way,
But lucky for me she wants me to stay.

Republicans took over congressional seats,
Now they promise amazing feats.

Right-wringers say there is a lack of paternity,
Fears are they will cut our social security.

There are things to do and places to go,
But not today, it’s starting to snow.

James R. Ryan (my grandpa)


May the years of your Retirement,
Be the rich rewarding kind,
And may there be no limit to,
The happiness you find.

Police Retirement

With honesty and dedication,
You pledged to protect and serve.
Using courage and compassion,
Your community you did preserve.

May the years of your Retirement,
Be rich rewarding kind,
And may there be no limit to,
The happiness you find.

A Teacher is…

Someone who is wise,
Who cares about students and wears no disguise,
But is honest and open,
And shares from the heart, not just lessons from books,
But life where you are
A teacher takes time to help and tutor,
With English, or Math, or on a computer
It’s someone who is patient, even in stress,
Who never gives less that the very best.

Retirement Is

Retirement is…
Roads to travel,
New horizons to explore,
And new dreams to call your own.

Retirement Brings

Retirement brings the time and freedom
To follow your heart
And pursue new interests.
May it be a season of contentment
And happiness for you.

As you Retire

As you retire,
Keep a firm grip on your perspective toward life,
Life is not measured so much by the quantity of days
But by their quality,
Bring your all to bear upon the coming days of your life,
So that each day will be the fulfillment of a hope, a dream..
Fill your days with beautiful memories and joyful moments.
Don’t retire from life, but continue to experience all that life has to offer.
As you retire, share your wisdom and your knowledge
See the gift of retirement as a gift of new horizons.
Retirement Toast
May laughter light your days
And good times never part
May happiness fid you always
And keep you young at heart.

Eat, drink, and be merry,
Play hard, have lots of fun
Here’s to your retirement,
For life has just begun!