Guidance for Retirees on Managing Investments

Financial media have put so much focus in recent years on how investors can accumulate wealth for retirement that they often have overlooked what investors should do once they actually retire.

But with the first wave of baby boomers turning 60 next year, retirees’ abilities to manage their assets will become a much bigger issue.

As financial planning becomes more complex – and as workers become increasingly responsible for funding their own retirements – investors would be wise to seek advice about navigating the retirement waters.

American Century Investments has developed an award-winning, 21-page booklet, “Manage Your Investments During Retirement,” that helps guide investors through various issues as they approach and enter retirement, including:

* building a retirement portfolio;

* managing income sources, from retirement savings to Social Security benefits;

* forecasting expenses for health care and long-term care;

* determining annuity payments and withdrawal strategies for all accounts, including taxable and tax-deferred accounts;

* calculating a withdrawal rate.

American Century also is launching additional retirement planning and investing tools for investors in all stages of retirement.

These new services will help investors develop retirement plans, invest their retirement portfolios and manage their retirement incomes. Investors can work with an experienced investment consultant or work on their own online to take advantage of these new services.

These retirement services are part of American Century’s On Plan Investing approach – providing guidance tailored to investors’ needs to help them meet their most important financial goals – available at no additional cost.